Sunday, 14 June 2009


Goodness me! I have had such a ridiculously busy day! So much for my optimistic declaration that this weekend would see the re-launch of my shop on Etsy and Folksy! I've added about a dozen items to my Etsy shop, nothing on Folksy and still have tonnes to do tomorrow! I've spent most of the afternoon taking numerous shots of each piece that I've made. For this delightful task I decided to descend on my poor Dad with three huge canvas bags of stock. The reason for this is simple - although my house is clean and tidy, it isn't the most glamourous canvas on which to pose ones goodies! My Dad's place, however, is packed full of stunning antiques and comes with the added bonus of my stepmum, who is always happy to lend a hand in anything 'arty'. Indeed, we've had such fun positioning and re-positioning my knitted goodies and playing with props and backgrounds that i'm desperately hoping the pictures don't look too contrived!!! Still, it's art daaarling!

This is purely a personal thing, but here is my favourite picture that we took of a jumper that I finished and seamed this morning!
Just a short post today as i'm absolutely exhausted! Nevertheless, I thought you may like to see Archie out in the garden with his new collar and micro-chip!

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  1. Oh good, another installment! Great jumper and so beautiful hung. I love the way that you write like the whole world is reading! Although I know that will only be a matter of time.....XX