Friday, 12 June 2009

And so it begins....

I love to talk. I can't help it, I just do. If I can't talk about the subjects I like, I read about them. I make lists. I spend hours on the phone to bored friends and relatives, expounding the virtues of the 'handmade revolution'. Whole days go by whilst I aimlessly float around the cyber universe on the hunt for inspiration or supplies. While my partner readily shares my interests, even he can struggle to comprehend the speed with which I move from one pattern/project/obsession to another. So, before I lose him as an audience completely (there have been more than a few exasperated sighs in recent weeks as I rummage through my bag in the middle of dinner to decant some new pattern or borrowed book)I've decided to start this blog. I don’t pretend to be qualified; I just figured that somebody, somewhere, would share my enthusiasm. So here is my open invitation to anybody out there – leave a comment, get in touch, share your thoughts, recommend a book, site or blog. Don’t be shy! I’m certainly not ;-)

I guess it’s fitting that I am starting the blog now. This weekend will see the re-launch of my shop on both the ‘Etsy’ and ‘Folksy’ sites. Please go along and see the somewhat eclectic collection of handmade goodies on offer! My shop name is Mother’s Ruin, not just because gin happens to be my favourite tipple and is often a large part of my, shall we call it, ‘design making’ process, but also for the many and varied connotations that the phrase has. All good fun in my opinion! Of course, having the technological know-how of an as-yet undiscovered sea creature from the depths of the Pacific will, no doubt, cause me a few problems. On this count I am desperately hoping that my already put upon friends can offer some sound advice or, better still, do things for me! Watch this space for a link to my shop!

Before we get down to the knitty gritty (no pun intended) of crafting, I guess it is only fair that I slowly introduce you to my family. I'll start with this little terror. This is Archie, my beautiful and incredibly vocal bengal cat! I'm beginning with him for the simply reason that he may not be with us much longer. Up until now he has always been a house cat which worked perfectly for me, prone to hysteria wherever my animals are concerned. Only, after pushing open my kitchen window at the end of May, Archie decided to go on a little adventure for ten days and has only just condescended to re-join the household! Needless to say this was quickly met with a trip to the vets for a new microchip and collar. Panic over.....
*I must point out that he doesn't always look quite so disdainful! *
Still, I can't ignore the fact that he wants to be out and about, so i'm just desperately hoping that he'll gradually reduce the length of time that he feels necessary to punish me with his absence! Honestly, why do our feline friends always have such attitudes?!

I also have two gorgeous dogs, Denny and Bruce, but you'll hear more about them later....

Ciao for now

Mark xxx


  1. Mark,

    Finally another fibre artist on here!!

    I'm getting bored of all the other pointless blogs in this place!!

    As above - would be great to see some of your work!!

    Keep it up!!

    Natalie :)

  2. I LOVE it! You're a natural - now I won't have to only enjoy you babbling on around my kitchen table (when you remember to turn up!) -I can read you any time I like:-) I hate it that you are so much better than me at all these crafty things - even things that are my idea in the first place!!! Can't wait for the next installment - can't get that Carrie Bradshaw image out of my head! xxxx

  3. Thanks Zola. Ladies and Gentlemen, and flamboyant gentlemen (cough, cough), May I introduce a wonderful, genuine and crafty friend of mine - Zola Purdie.

    Take note now because there are bound to be a MILLION stories about her! If anybody is going to fall over, drop their wine or embarrass themselves, it will be her!

    M x