Wednesday, 24 June 2009

All By Myself...

So...... dum de dum....

Nothing much has happened here. Certainly nothing very crafty. Nathan hopped on the overnight train to Inverness last night. He volunteered to help his Mum with her exhibition stand at 'Woolfest' this year, so the poor little sausage has to drag himself all the way to Scotland to collect her and all her goodies, back down to Cumbria (where he is staying in a tent for the duration!!! Can you imagine?! Needless to say, they didn't even bother to invite me!) only to travel all the way back up to Scotland to catch the London train! I've a feeling he may be a little tired when he gets back which should certainly help my performance of the annual 'I need a holiday' speech.

Mind you, I say that I haven't done anything crafty. I did crochet some lovely roll cuffed baby boots from some leftover Merino wool that I found in my workshop. A very basic pattern but I thought they came up quite nicely. I'll post pictures soon. I'm still debating whether or not to felt them slightly as it can have such a great effect on toddler footwear. I'm going to go and buy some fabric this weekend so that I can start making one of my vintage bag patterns. Very exciting!

Other than that I have nothing to report, i'm afraid. With Nathan gone I am left to fend for myself and unfortunately that means feeding myself! Given that i'd rather use my oven for storing sweaters than I would to roast a chicken, it is something of a given that I will, at some point, have a horrific kitchen experience. Last night I thought I'd play it safe. What could possibly go wrong with shop-bought gazpacho? No cooking involved, no heating involved. Just open and eat. floor got most of, and the smidgen that I did have clinging to the sides of my dish were.... how can I put this? REVOLTING. Cold soup? Cold soup? I should have known. Its like oven roasting a salad. Just. Plain. Wrong.

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